PM Music is your one-stop shop for any music needs. No matter what step you’re at in the music-making process, or what type of media it’s intended for, PM Music can help you create a product you’re proud to share with the world. Recording vocals? Need your project mixed and mastered? Need some custom music for your social media? PM Music has you covered.

Through our hands-on approach, we encourage our clients to be as involved in the creative process as they want, while ensuring their feedback is being heard every step of the way. Most projects will go through multiple drafts, where we leave plenty of room for discourse on the direction of your music. Clients are welcome to give in-person feedback while attending mixing sessions for your track or production sessions for your beat. Our expert team will work with you and provide the following:

Every piece of music is a story that shares a unique perspective. Let us elevate your story to its highest potential.

Philip Milman was born in Baltimore, MD where he grew up playing various woodwind instruments in orchestras and jazz bands. He studied bassoon performance at Eastman School of Music, where he was also the director of The YellowJackets a capella group. During his undergrad years, Philip fell in love with the endless possibilities that come with composing, so he decided to further his education at Eastman with a master’s degree in Contemporary Media and Film Composition under the direction of Jeff Beal and Mark Watters.

After moving to LA, Philip founded PM Music to combine his vast experience into a one-stop shop for all music needs. He’s orchestrated an 18-piece musical, played multiple instruments in studio sessions for AMC films, produced tracks for upcoming artists, and has composed and produced original music for YouTube and Twitch streamers.

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